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Delete -- Deletes all selected elements from the list.

New -- Allows you to add new content to the list.

Filter -- Lets you define your filter to get a specific subset of list elements. First, you have to define the column. Use Add Filter to add it to your list. In the list you can define different filter operators:

  • Equals
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Like
  • Greater or equal than
  • Greater than
  • Smaller or equal than
  • Smaller than
  • Is Not In
  • Value

Edit -- The pencil button allows you to edit the list entry.

Delete -- Allows you to delete one specific entry in the list.

Publish Vector -- You can publish all vector data contained in the specific geoservice.

Publish WMTS -- You can publish all tiles of the WMTS.

exclamation_point_iconThis icon gets only available, if On Demand is not checked.

Recommended if you want to guarantee a smooth performance when many users are accessing the same WMTS at the same time. Another advantage of the published cache vs. on Demand is to have control over data or style changes. (On demand would instantly reflect changes.)

Add a new MyGeoService

The difference between GeoServices and MyGeoServices is that with MyGeoServices, you can use your own vector datasets from M.App Enterprise. If you want to use your own service within M.App Enterprise you have to include it in the GeoService.

Name -- Definition of the name of the MyGeoService

EPSG -- Definition of the EPSG Code, which should be available in the service

exclamation_point_iconEPSG:3857 is automatically inserted in every service.

Choose Style Set -- Define the styleset to use in the service

Single Layer -- Check this box to ensure all inserted layers are available at one service request. The name of the layer is the same as the name of the service.

On Demand -- Checking this box will mean the first user accessing the WMTS creates the background in the cache. And the second user is already accessing the cache instead of a live request to the service.

exclamation_point_iconIf you do not check the box you have to create the WMTS cache before accessing it.

Scale -- Define the minimum scale of the WMTS

Format -- Choose between image/jpeg and image/png

Click Save in MyGeoService to automatically generate a WMTS, WMS and a WFS and then use the service using the following URLs:

  • WMTS: http://SERVERNAME/api/v2/geoservices/wmts/TENANTNAME/SERVICENAME/WMTSCapabilities.xml
  • WMS: http://SERVERNAME/api/v1/geoservices/wms/TENANTNAME/SERVICENAME?request=GetCapabilities
  • WFS: http://SERVERNAME/api/v1/geoservices/wfs/TENANTNAME/SERVICENAME?request=GetCapabilities