Producer Field Guide

Producer Field Guide

Krovak Oblique Conformal Conic projection (EPSG code 9819) is an oblique aspect of Lambert Conformal Conic projection. This projection is used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under the name Krovak projection. The projection method is a conic projection based on one standard parallel, and the lines of contact are two pseudo-standard parallels.

Source: Environmental Systems Research Institute, 2000 and, 2009b

This projection contains these unique parameters:

Azimuth    Azimuth of the center line passing through the center of the projection.

XY plane rotation    Define the orientation of the projection along with the X scale and Y scale parameters.

Pseudo standard parallel 1

X scale    Orient the X axis.

Y scale    Orient the Y axis.

For a description of azimuth, see Projections.