Radar Concepts

Producer Field Guide

Producer Field Guide

Radar images are quite different from other remotely sensed imagery you might use with ERDAS IMAGINE software. For example, radar images may have speckle noise. Radar images, do, however, contain a great deal of information. ERDAS IMAGINE has many radar packages, including InSAR, Coherence Change Detection (CCD), D-InSAR, SAR Metadata Editor, Radar Utilities, OrthoRadar, and StereoSAR DEM, with which you can analyze your radar imagery.

For discussions of Single-Look Complex imagery, polarization, three types of imaging modes, and additional Interferometry concepts, see the ERDAS IMAGINE Radar Interferometry User Guide.

The topics in this section describe the geometry and functionality of advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) processing packages contained in Radar modules.