Neatlines, Tick Marks, and Grid Lines

Producer Field Guide

Producer Field Guide

Neatlines, tick marks, and grid lines serve to provide a georeferencing system for map detail and are based on the map projection of the image shown.

  • A neatline is a rectangular border around the image area of a map. It differs from the map border in that the border usually encloses the entire map, not just the image area.
  • Tick marks are small lines along the edge of the image area or neatline that indicate regular intervals of distance.
  • Grid lines are intersecting lines that indicate regular intervals of distance, based on a coordinate system. Usually, they are an extension of tick marks. It is often helpful to place grid lines over the image area of a map. This is becoming less common on thematic maps, but is really up to the map designer. If the grid lines help readers understand the content of the map, they should be used.

Grid lines may also be referred to as a graticule.

Graticules are discussed in more detail in Projections.

Use Map Grid tools to create neatlines, tick marks, and grid lines. Tick marks and grid lines can also be created over images displayed in a View. See the Help for instructions.

Sample Neatline, Tick Marks, and Grid Lines