Producer Field Guide

Producer Field Guide

The mosaic process offers the capability to stitch images together so one large, cohesive image of an area can be created. Because of the different features of ERDAS IMAGINE MosaicPro, you can smooth these images before mosaicking them together as well as color balance them, or adjust the histograms of each image in order to present a better large picture. It is necessary for the images to contain map and projection information, but they do not need to be in the same projection or have the same cell sizes. The input images must have the same number of layers.

In addition to MosaicPro, Mosaic Express are features designed to make the mosaic process easier for you. Mosaic Express takes you through the steps of creating a Mosaic project and it is designed to simplify the mosaic process by gathering important information regarding the mosaic project from you and then building the project without a lot of pre-processing by you.

MosaicPro offers the most options and allows the most input from you. There are a number of features included in MosaicPro to aid you in creating a better mosaicked image from many separate images. The following features are discussed as part of MosaicPro input image options followed by an overview of Mosaic Express.

In Input Image Mode for MosaicPro:

  • Exclude Areas
  • Image Dodging
  • Illumination Equalization
  • Color Balancing
  • Histogram Matching

You can choose from the following when using Intersection Mode:

  • Set Overlap Function
  • Weighted Seamline Generation
  • Geometry-based Seamline Generation
  • Different options for choosing a seamline source

These options are available as part of Output Image Mode:

  • Output Image Options
  • Preview the mosaic
  • Run the mosaic process to disk