Multiple Geometries

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To arrange multiple geometries in your Smart M.App:

  1. In the Select Dataset window, add as many geometries as needed. All selected geometries are listed under Selected Geometries. Add attribute tables if necessary. Ensure the Geometry keys are assigned to geometries.


  2. Add Choropleth or Point Map or Heat Map layers with each geometry you want to have in your BI App.
    1. Click Visualization tab
    2. Select first geometry from the Geometry field

    3. Drag & drop choropleth or point map onto the map window


    4. Select second geometry from Geometry field.
    5. Drag-and-drop map visualization onto the map window.
    6. In the same way add more layers.
  3. Define additional map widgets. Widgets will interact with all available layers if appropriate geometry key is assigned to each geometry layer.