Resource Perspective

Workflow Manager Developer Guide

GeoMedia Smart Client

In the resource perspective you decide at first if you want to create a new resource file or edit an existing resource file. By clicking New_wiz.gif Create Resource (CTRL + R) you create a new resource file. There you decide at first in which language you want to have the resource file (drop down list) and then click OK. By clicking Fldr_obj.gif Open Resource you open an existing resource file to edit.

The first step in the new window is clicking Refresh.png Update Resources (CTRL + U). There the WorkflowEditor generates all possible resource keys, and when editing an existing resource file, it deletes the not used resource keys. The WorkflowEditor only updates the columns Key and Default Label so the user updated values will not harm.


In the column Value it is possible to change the display text into the language you have chosen before. If you finish with your resource file it is possible to save the resource file by click the Saveall_edit.gif Save Resource.