Navigation Concepts

Workflow Manager Developer Guide

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This section tries to "translate" the theory from the preceding sections into a practical example. The starting point is the concept of navigation in workflows, which is followed by an explanation of controllers. The implementation of triggers and a sample-workflow complete this section. The Java application "Workflow-Editor" will be used to generate this workflow.

The "flow" through workflows depends on the controller defined in the XML Workflow file. There are several possibilities for routing a user through a workflow. The navigation through a workflow can roughly be divided into two basic approaches: 1. Navigation via Workflow-Nodes (childnodes) and related controllers 2. Navigation via buttons (FormAction - elements)

Ad 1. - Navigation via Workflow-Nodes Three standard controllers can be defined inside the WorkflowSettings.xml at the Workflow-Node element, which are:

  • Controller = "Workflow": This is the default controller (which is used if no controller is defined explicitly).
  • Controller = "List": This controller opens a set of records displayed in list form; the columns of the list are definable.
  • Controller = "Form": This controller opens a table-record ready for editing.

Ad 2. - Navigation via buttons The navigation-concept via buttons is defined inside the FormSettings.xml at the FormAction element.