Searching Web Help

Workflow Manager Developer Guide

GeoMedia Smart Client

Web help behaves very much like any other internet search.

To search in Web help:

  1. Click the Search bar.
  2. In the Enter a keyword or phrase field, type all or part of the word or phrase you are looking for. Web help finds partial words.
  3. Click Go.


    Type edit the us and click Go. Web help finds instances that exactly match edit the us.

  4. Scroll the results. You see the topic title and a snippet of the sentence where your keyword or phrase is located.
  5. Click the hyperlink to read the topic. The word or phrase you typed is not highlighted in the topic. When you select Search again, you have to retype your search criteria.
  6. To search for a specific word or phrase inside a topic, press CRTL + F.
  7. In the Find field, type the word or phrase you are looking for. As you type, the letters highlight in the topic.