Form - Controller, Routing Behavior and Triggers

Workflow Manager Developer Guide

GeoMedia Smart Client

When a Form-controller is deployed, the form attribute must be set to specify the referenced table. This controller will mostly be used (hierarchically) "below" a controller="list" definition and will always show a form with the designated form-fields.

The Routing-Behavior is different from the controllers workflow and list, as it is defined within the FormSettings.xml in the <FormAction>-element as an action-attribute.

a) action="save": Saves the data of the current form and has the same routing behavior as the controller="list". The ID of the currently opened form will be stored in the SEC_SESSION table and is accessibly via {SESSION.TABLENAME.IDFIELD}.

b) action="SCRIPT[IG...]"

	<FormAction ... action="SCRIPT[IG.captureGeometry()]" />

c) action="delete"

Triggers on Workflow-Nodes with Form-controller: Workflow-Triggers can be defined for Workflow-Nodes (with controller="Form"); the method can be "before" (common method) and "after" (method which is used slightly differently from the "after"-methods explained above).

  • method="before": The trigger will be executed before the currently opened form will be modified (inserted, updated, or deleted).
  • method="after": The trigger will only be executed after a save on the currently opened form.