Extending Spatial Modeler in C++

Spatial Modeler

The Spatial Modeler SDK is a C++ toolkit for building, modifying, and running workflows on geospatial data. It can be used to build complex algorithms or simply to run routine tasks. It is based on the Spatial Modeler tool developed for ERDAS IMAGINE 2013. It is extensible via a plugin mechanism where objects, such as operators, data types, and configuration dialogs, are discovered at runtime by demand-loading all DLLs found in a search path and identifying the Spatial Modeler objects implemented in those DLLs. The Spatial Modeler SDK can be used to build add-ons to various Hexagon Geospatial products, such as ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia, or it can be used to build and run workflows within your own product.

This document assumes that the reader is familiar with C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio.