Inquire Box Coordinates



Use this dialog to see the coordinates of the corners of an Inquire Box, or to edit them by entering specific coordinates. To use the Inquire Box successfully, the image must be oriented to its map system, and no rotation should be applied to the View.

The Inquire Box does not necessarily represent a rectangular area orthogonal to the map system or file coordinates if the data beneath it is rotated or otherwise not oriented to the map system or file coordinates.

The Inquire Box and the Inquire Box Coordinates dialog can be opened several ways:

  • On the Home tab, click Inquire_Cursor Inquire > Inquire Box to open an Inquire Box in the active View. The Inquire Box Coordinates dialog also opens. Keyboard shortcut: press Ctrl + B
  • Right-click in a 2D View window or on a 2D View title element in Contents Panel to open the 2D View menu options.

The View number from which you started the Inquire Box and the name of the active layer in that View or top layer in the Overview Viewer are listed in the title bar of this dialog.

The coordinates reported in the dialog are coordinates for the active layer. Note the name of the layer is shown in the dialog title bar. When you click on a different layer in the Contents Panel, the coordinates automatically update.

ULX: Shows the X coordinate of the upper-left corner of the Inquire Box.

ULY:    Shows the Y coordinate of the upper-left corner of the Inquire Box.

LRX: Shows the X coordinate of the lower-right corner of the Inquire Box.

LRY:    Shows the Y coordinate of the lower-right corner of the Inquire Box.

You can edit these values, and the Inquire Box moves accordingly. If you move or resize the Inquire Box in the Viewer, these values dynamically update.

Type:    Click the dropdown arrow to select the type of coordinate system for the Inquire Box corners.

Map Click to use map coordinates, if the data are rectified.

File Click to use file coordinates, which are pixels, starting with 0,0 in the upper-left corner.

Lat/Lon    Show Geographic (Latitude/Longitude) coordinates, if the data are geocoded.

Paper    Show the units in which this area would be measured if the data were printed on paper. The origin (0,0) of the paper coordinate system is in the lower-left corner of the layer.

Units:    Reports the units for the selected coordinate type.

Snap to Raster    Click the checkbox to enable this option to have the Inquire Box snap to the center of the selected pixels. Click to remove the checkmark to disable this to have the Inquire Box coordinates display exactly as drawn. The default is checked/enabled.



SHARED Tip For more information on the rules governing which pixels are included in the Inquire Box, see Rules for Pixel Inclusion within Polygons.

Box Color   Select the color for the Inquire Box.

[color patch] Shows the current color. Click to open the Color Chooser to create a custom color.

    Click to select a color from a list.

Ribbon: Changing the color of the Inquire Box changes the color of the Inquire Box and Inquire Cursor within the active View and any linked Views.

Classic Viewer and Overview Viewer: This changes the color of the currently selected Inquire Box. To change the color for all Inquire Boxes and Cursors, click Utility > Inquire Color. The Inquire Color dialog opens.

Apply    Click to apply the selected Inquire Box coordinates to the displayed image. If this is a linked image, click this button to change the display area in the other Viewer to the area inside the Inquire Box.

Fit to AOI    Click to fit the Inquire Box to the bounding box of the currently selected AOI object in the Viewer.

Close    Click to close this dialog.

Help    Click to open this Help document.