Metadata View

ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager Help


The Metadata View shows the ISO metadata for an aggregate selected in the Explorer view or a dataset selected in the Datasets view. The crawler automatically detects the existing metadata when it locates the data and registers it in the catalog, but you can also change it in the Metadata View.

To display Metadata, right-click an aggregate in the Explorer View or right-click a dataset in the Datasets View and select Show ISO Metadata from the menu.

MetadataView_EditorIcon - toggle to the editing dialog and make changes to the metadata. Refer to Editing Properties in the Properties View section for details on how to edit the fields.

Save your changes one of the following ways.

  • Press Ctrl + S
  • Click the Viewer MetadataView_ViewerIcon icon to toggle back to the display mode
  • Click the Save icon on the main ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager toolbar

MetadataView_ViewerIcon - toggle to the display dialog of the metadata

Summary - displays the metadata elements defined by ISO 19115 as the minimum required metadata for interoperability.

Full - displays all of the ISO 19115 metadata for the aggregate or dataset. Unpopulated metadata packages that are defined in the metadata profile will not be displayed. The Full tab shows a tree view of the categories of all the attributes. You can use this to find the attributes that you want to change.