Preparing Data for Offline Configuration

Mobile MapWorks Administrator Guide

Mobile MapWorks

exclamation_point_iconSpatial data for offline configuration must be in EPSG:3857 Coordinate System. No other spatial reference systems are supported for offline configuration.

In order to prepare data with GeoMedia:

A: Prepare empty GeoPackage DB

  1. Open GeoMedia. Select Blank GeoWorkspace to create new workspace.

  2. Select Coordinate System to define map projection. Load (or create) EPSG3857.csf file. Close GeoWorkspace Coordinate System dialog.

  3. Go to Manage Data tab. Choose Warehouse >New Warehouse to create geopackage warehouse.

  4. Choose GeoPackageTemplate.gpkg file. Click New to provide GeoPackage file name and Save it. Empty Geopackage DB with EPSG:3857 CRS for data is ready.

B: Transfer geospatial data from source database to GeoPackage

  1. Open Geomedia and establish connection to source database (e.g. Oracle).

  2. Ensure that the connection to target GeoPackage is open.
  3. (Optional Step) Display data from Oracle DB. On the Home tab click Legends > Add Legend Entries. Next (in Add Legend Entries dialog) select feature classes to be displayed and click OK. Data from Oracle DB are displayed in Map Window.
  4. Output Source Feature Classes from Oracle to GeoPackage database. Click Output to Feature Classes on the Manage Data tab. Select source feature classes. Set Target Connection and click OK.