Offline Configuration

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Mobile MapWorks

In the case of the offline configuration users work on data that are locally on their mobile device. Mobile MapWorks uses the GeoPackage OGC standard for the storage of both vector and raster data to be used in the field.

To prepare offline configuration:

  1. Prepare configuration file. It is recommended to use the default configuration file (see [16.5] ANNEX B - Default Offline Configuration File ) and make changes in it according to the needs. Then copy the prepared configuration file to the Mobile Map Works Server.
  2. Prepare Geopackage with data and copy it to the mobile device(s). See [16.5] How to Copy Geopackage file to Mobile Device.

Data updated in the field are then copied back to the server:

light_bulb_iconMobile MapWorks offline mode supports two different workflows. The case when you are aware that the area you will be working will have little or no connectivity. In that case the cache can be prepared prior to going to the work area. The second case is what we call suddenly or unexpectedly disconnected, or when you are expected to be connected but for some reason, when you got the work area the connectivity was weak or intermittent. In either case, you want to be able to perform your task or job and quickly and easily provide the information collected in the field back to the central office or GIS database.