Geospatial Portal Administrator Guide

Geospatial Portal

The Geospatial Portal Administrator Guide is intended for implementers and site administrators. Implementers are designated personnel whose main responsibility is to install and customize the system. Site administrators are on-site personnel responsible for running and maintaining the system. This document provides procedures, conceptual information, and technical details needed to perform these tasks.

Geospatial Portal is a next-generation geospatial Web application that provides client-side consumption, viewing, and querying of geospatial data published with SDI and other services. Geospatial Portal uses a modern services-oriented architecture that allows the user to connect to many data sources at the same time. The data from these various sources is merged into a single map view in the Web application. Map navigation and other functionality can be used immediately without waiting for the data to be retrieved by all the servers.

Geospatial Portal is an application that is ready to use immediately after installation due to its default configuration. Thus, you do not have to configure Geospatial Portal to start working with it. All you need to run Geospatial Portal is a URL to the application provided in the Web browser (http://<server_name>/<name_of_instance>).

You can adapt Geospatial Portal to suit your individual needs. All activities associated with the configuration of the Geospatial Portal are carried out on a specially designed Administration Console.

light_bulb_icon The pictures in this document may appear slightly different from the software depending on your operating system and theme applied for your Geospatial Portal instance.