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M.App X is a lightweight browser based client that provides image exploitation capabilities that previously required a high-end workstation. Such workstations are expensive and difficult to maintain, and to keep up to date with current software. By providing this functionality as a browser application driven by a set of cloud based services, the task of maintenance is greatly improved. A single installation insures that all analysts are using the same software, as well as allowing analysts to easily transfer their work.


M.App X is deployed as a web application from either a public or private cloud installation. The backend includes a collection of supporting services. High performance image streaming can support images in either map space or image space alignment. Working data is managed with a shoebox service, handling images, terrains, features and annotations. Geoprocessing services provide access to image metadata, precise measurements, and a wide variety of other analytics. The client is a modern, interactive, and fast web application built on HTML5 and JavaScript. See client Workspace Interface Components for more information.

When you start M.App X you will have to enter your username and password in the Login Screen.

reference_iconFor more information about browsers and M.App X, see Supported Browsers